Foot Domination Training Webcams

As a slave, your job is to start down from the lowest point, and that’s exactly where the feet of a harsh mistress are. She will force you to get down, kneel, lay on the ground, and then you will have to worship her toes, or even worse, the very high heels she’s wearing.

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Don’t hold back from showing true affection, she doesn’t mind how repulsing you think licking her dirty soles is, it’s either that or a much tougher punishment on these foot domination training cams. Common sense is telling you to obey, so you’ll have more fun doing as you’re instructed, being an obedient puppy.

Foot Domination Training Webcams

MissTamara will definitely get you collared like one, held on a short leash so you can’t escape her and be an unruly brat. That’s what she sees in your eyes, a poor little dog who needs to be trained, and it doesn’t come easy, you will have to watch this leather-clad mistress from below, waiting for your orders.

She’s going to make you lick the stiletto of her heels, and suck it like it’s a cock because you’re her slut. As she’s sitting in her chair, you will come over, looking her directly into the eyes, and be commanded to take off her heels with your teeth, but careful, you don’t want to make a wrong move.

In case you do, she will make sure to trample you with the stiletto, repeatedly stomping on your back, or even balls to neuter you. Carefully take it off, and she’s going to pet you and tell you what a good boy you are, which is a scenario any slave can only hope for.

Once her foot is bare, she’s going to make you sniff it, fill your lungs with her sweat, take a deep breath just so you remember how it smells in the live fetish video chat. If you behave and bark back at her like a happy pup, she might even allow you to hump her leg, and who knows what might happen afterward.

A tall raven-haired babe like Kinkyqueendomme sure knows how to pick a revealing combination that will get you craving to serve her. She’s also got a leather whip just as a precaution, so you know she means business, despite not having any footwear and those legs out in the open.

There are so many different fetishes out there and we try to cover them all on our site so that everyone can find something for themselves to have a kinky video chat session.

Pervs like you drool over them, kneel down and beg to take a lick, but what you didn’t know is that she keeps them dirty to trick you. Now you’ll have to lick those soiled feet as you mean it, and there’s no pulling back out of it, so knock yourself out, and make sure to swallow, spitting is for sissies. 

You won’t be allowed to jerk off, she wants none of your filth obviously, so it’s better to lock it in a chastity device and mentally torture you with her feet in these domination training webcam rooms. They still have to be kissed, rubbed with oil, and caressed, and you in no way possible are going to get any satisfaction.

That is unless she makes you play with your bunghole, so use a couple of fingers on which she’ll spit to lube them up, and massage your prostate. Watch her toes wiggle while you’re exploring another side of you, ashamed to be treated like a bitch, and still left without orgasm in sight.

Do you really have what it takes to be a slave to feet? You can find out with foot domination training cam chat shows, where you’ll learn all about the craft of submissiveness and how to treat your domme. They require total compliance, regardless of how you feel about the command given, and you will have to obey.

Maybe you grow fond of such sexy women for even trampling you with their feet and forcing you to clean them. Many before sure have been coming back for another dopamine rush, getting treated like total filth, yelled at and disgraced by mistresses feet, so why would you be?