High Heels Fetish Cam Shows

Ah, the high heels, there is something about a woman wearing those that gets our brain scrambled, they’re just looking that hot. Female feet in general are a beautiful thing, and footwear gets them hidden under a veil, although none do it like high heels, they make you wonder what kind of elegance hides beneath.

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They can also be a sign of a powerful woman, the one who is strong and sure of her qualities, some would say an alpha in the room full of men. She would get all the looks in the room, but she’s picky, and looking who’s going to be the next and she’s going to crush underneath, well, on our fetish cam site, it can be you.

High Heels Fetish Cams

Sexy red high heels are a trademark of NaughtyAnn, a ripe cougar with all the curves in the right places. But her tanned long legs, those are the things of your dreams, and when you see her toned calves once she stands in those 5-inch stilettos, you’ll get rock hard instantly.

If you’re still able to hold it together and not drool all over her, then you will once she takes one off her foot and starts kissing it when you join her cam2cam session. She goes all the way from the tip towards the stiletto, where she winks at you, and starts performing a blowjob on the stiletto as if it was your cock, but with much more care and respect.

She takes it slowly, now her tongue is doing laps around it, just before she senses that her pussy is soaking wet, craving for action. The tip of the stiletto gently caresses her clit, and she takes deep gasps after loud moans the more she’s pressing against it and moving it faster around.

Eventually, the dance around her slit ends up in sensual love-making with her heel. It probes her slit, slowly and erotically she masturbates with it, and your dick is reacting as if the warmth of her pussy is wrapped around it while you’re jerking off along with her in the fetish live sex chat. Suddenly she starts gushing a river of squirt out of her slit, soaking up the heels which she promptly licks, and keeps on playing with herself.

Now let’s talk domination, the heels are an instrumental part of Miss_Ellah’s every show. She has a collection of course, but nothing says “I’m the boss” like those thigh-high latex shoes. They emanate filth out of them, you can see that a woman who wears those during sex is not going to be the one bent over backward.

It’s going to be you, first, you’ll kneel before her, with your eyes in line with her high heels as they get closer to you. She will order you to lick them, from top to bottom, and that means even the dirty parts, all the way to the stiletto. When she’s had enough of your pathetic submissiveness, you’ll be forced to strip down.

Your dick is ready for action, and she will start gently stroking it with the heels by moving it up and down your cock as you’re laying down flat on the floor. Then you feel a bit of weight behind them as she moves towards your nuts in the kinky cam room, and then even more until she’s using enough force to make you beg for mercy.

From that point onwards, she can do whatever she wants with you, and especially that tight bunghole. Suddenly you’re bent over, your ass cheeks getting spread, and the oiled-up stiletto serving as a dildo for your sissy ass. You will get fucked relentlessly, and she doesn’t stop until you cum from anal stimulation, so better enjoy, or it gets rough.

These private webcam sessions on the LiveFetishCam really are for anyone, you can’t find a woman nowadays who doesn’t have one, or wears a pair at least for special occasions. Even better if they’re roleplaying as some kind of a character, be it evil or good, they all wear high heels, the difference is in how they use them.

You can find out a lot about a woman by seeing her collection of heels, and even more by sniffing them after those tender, sensitive feet have been inside. If you’re a lover of blackmail and findom, then you will without a doubt find a bratty babe who wears all the latest brands, and you will fund her expensive taste.