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Are you ready to surrender your dearest posessions to a cruel mistress? The ones you’ll meet on ballbusting cams chat shows are always ready to punish you harshly, so get those nuts ready. They allways love to start with some cock and balls torture, just to give you a preview of what’s to come, but also to ease you in.

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Then you’ll feel them swinging at full force, sometimes even when you least expect it, smashing their feet against your balls. The pain becomes unbearable, but you can’t go back, there is no stopping, once you’re in, you’re going balls deep, so you rough it out, and maybe, just maybe, you will get a moment of sexual relief after the fetish live sex session.

Adrenaline_Ruby is exactly what you could expect from a girl with such a name, an adrenaline junky. She thrives in seeing men hunched over, holding for their dear life, and begging for mercy while she relentlessly crushes his manliness. That thick, firm booty she has will lure you in, and you’ll surrender your body to her will.

She will command you to take your clothes off so she can see what you’re packing down there, and when she does, expect the unexpected. You are going to be ridiculed, told to that your cock is pathetic, berated until there’s no sign of self-respect left in your eyes during the live cam action, and then taken for a punishment.

The best way to show her resentment towards an inferior man is by busting his balls, and you’ll feel it on your skin. The high heels she’s wearing are not being worn because they make her look hot, she’s good at using the stiletto to show you what she thinks of you by cramming your nut under it and leaning her wight on.

Then she’ll take them off, tell you to stand up, and caress them for a moment. Oh poor you, well who cares? She definitely doesn’t, you’ll see her gathering all the strength behind a kick, turning your nuts into fine dust, but that’s what you need, a woman to get a touch from, even if it’s rougher than what you would expect.

You know what they say, poison is kept in small bottles, and that saying would perfectly describe PetitePrincessXXX. Despite her size, this girl doesn’t let a man command her around, and the best way to put one down in the dirt where his place is, is by having the things he treasures the most in a vulnerable position.

She will demand you kneel before her and worship her feet, lick them, suck the toes, anything she desires. Then she’ll tie a know around the base of your dick, squeazing your nuts as well, and keeping them restrained until they change the color into a shade of blue.

Then she’s going to use a nutcracker, it’s only fitting for this occasion, and you’ll see her slowly, but surely pressing them harder and harder. What could your next step be? Well that’s not on you to decide, but don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of her beautiful tiny legs in the webcam chat room, although you’ll be happy they aren’t any bigger.

The sound of your screams as she repeatedly kicks you in the nuts is so satisfactory to her, even moreso your face, all red from pain. But after all of the ballbusting, she will give you a treat, a nice footjob for being a dedicated slave.

The mix of pain and pleasure collide together, and it’s hard to focus on one thing, but the way she does it is outworldly, suddenly you spasm as the orgasm kicks in, the most intense feeling you’ve ever felt, and you release a stream of semen out of your pecker.

Having a ballbusting session is not for anyone, but they also don’t know what they’re missing out on, all the intensity of getting your nutsack kicked, and the bliss that follows once every pain comes to an end.

Be it from curiosity, or a need for something new and exciting, whatever the reason may be for your venture into the ballbusting webcam world on our site, you are going to like it at the end of the day. So don’t be afraid, at least be a man you think you are, and face these stunning mistresses in a private live session.