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If you’re one of those who get aroused with balloons, then it’s time to meet your equals in lusty fetish webcam models through our video sex chat site named They also love to play around and tease you with their blown-up balloons by rubbing them all over private parts, pressing them hard so there are bulges forming until the pressure is too heavy and the balloons start popping.

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Balloon Fetish Cams Chat

That squeaky sound resembles the one you hear when a mistress rubs her latex gloves together or fondles her latex-clad titties, is just the starting point on these balloon fetish cams. You can also use it in a BDSM context, for instance, they could resemble your tortured balls, all swollen up and ripe for abuse, and then they get crushed, followed by a loud popping sound.

Maybe you would rather enjoy a live sex session with a playful girl, the one that understands your obsession with balloons? That’s where ChloeDoll fits right in, this chocolate-skinned cutie will tease you with them, but she’s also got a set of her own to play with as well, and they’re no less impressive.

First, she needs to blow it up, her plump lips pucker out and she starts exhaling until it’s as big as her tits. Then she’ll caress it, the mellow squeaky sound works your cock up, and the ways she’s playing with her titties only enhances the pleasure, and she’s got even more waiting for you.

A bit of oil never hurt anybody, especially not that balloon, she will douse it in oil, until it’s so slick she’s barely holding it in her hands. Then she’ll whip out a dildo and make you watch as she teases you by rubbing the balloon against the tip, and then adding another one to stroke that rubber cock with them.

Just when you’ve thought it couldn’t get any better, she will start slamming the balloons on the dildo until they start popping, one by one in the live kinky sex room, the rubbery material embracing the veiny fake cock, which is no different from yours.

If you’re up for a cam2cam fun, she will instruct you on how to mount a balloon on your dick so it’s inside, and you’re jerking off with it until it gets filled up to the brim with hot jizz.

A kinky domme like Sofia_Nympho is one of those who likes performing on balloon fetish webcam sites. She’s hot but harsh, meaning you won’t have much leeway on her watch, she’s going to corner you and then use the balloons to humiliate you. It may start slow, you’ll be strapped down, watching her blow them until there’s no room left for more air inside.

Then she’s going to circle around you and one after the other, a balloon will pop right into your ear until you’re begging her to stop because the sound is making you physically ill. Give it a harder try, beg for mercy like a real little bitch you are, and prove to her that you’re worthy of your freedom.

I can assure you that no amount of pleading will make it any better, simply because she’s just going to move on to phase two. It involves her mocking your sexual prowess, the way she sees it you wouldn’t even be able to please her, but guess what? This balloon totally could, and it will.

Her soaking wet pussy will get mounted on it, and she will start rubbing herself on the balloon, telling you how much pleasure it brings her. Unlike you, she will reach orgasm, right in front of your very eyes, squirting all over the balloon, and licking all the juices off it while you’re watching, and ripping her long nails into it until the balloon pops just like your confidence.

Are you now convinced that premium balloon fetish cam shows can be fun? We’re talking hours of fun with hot chicks who blow up the balloons, play with them, and finally pop them for your pleasure, or discomfort, whatever works.

Still, there’s much more to discover, some things are hard to put into words until you’re at that moment, watching those balloons getting used for pleasure, and enjoying them yourself. So get a pack ready and hop into a private live sex where you’ll be able to sate your cravings for something so simple, yet incredibly awarding.