Review Review

Here we go, another day, week, month, another fetish cam site to review, and you’re going to love this one, or maybe not, we’ll see. Right off the bat, I can see that is a variety site, meaning you’ll get a good portion of male and trans performers alongside the most populous female section.

There’s a lot to go through, the models are the center of gravity on any live sex chat site, but the things surrounding them have to be in mint condition as well for everything to work properly. You can rely on first-hand information from this review so you don’t have to go through all the hassle yourself, let’s get started!

First impressions

I’ve gotta say, Kinklive is looking quite neat, the homepage is welcoming, but I didn’t like the fact that there are some models at the very top who are actually in private chats. You can’t get any previews of their live kinky shows, so placing them there is quite pointless, seems like this candy has got a shiny wrapper, but it’s not all sweet inside.

I can say that with confidence because there are quite a few other stumbles along the road, a trained eye catches up quickly, so one glance at categories was enough to notice that there aren’t that many performers. My count goes up to 200, which isn’t bad at all, but during the busy hours, it’s entirely negligible.

Let’s just do a quick comparison to one of the best sites out there,, at the same time there were more than 2000 girls online, a whopping 1000% increase! Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t mean everything, right? Maybe this fetish webcam site has the quality to cover for them, that would surely sway everyone’s opinion for the better.

The Deep Inside Look

There are some original things here, quality of life mechanics that feel nice, like an independently scrollable “Categories” sidebar. It’s filled with the most popular selections, and one thing that caught my eye was the fetish rooms and the variety of them. BDSM is something most people crave on these types of sites, and it’s nice to gain access to something a tad bit kinkier like cosplay webcam chat or live pegging femdom shows which never disappoint.

Enough about that, you want to know what the shows are looking like, and I’ve made it my mission to explore them. Hopping from one model to another wasn’t that hard, but the reason why I didn’t stick to one is kind of shocking. I was trying to find an HD stream, call me choosy, but I don’t want to look at Minecraft graphics-level tits.

Finally, after countless minutes of soul-searching, I’ve found a pleasing viewing experience on these spit fetish cams that you will love as well. It wasn’t filled with content really, not the most ideal of shows, but that’s what I was handed. The girl seemed somewhat rude, and mind you, I wasn’t in a BDSM stream so she’s acting like a rude mistress.

It was the kind of “Take it or leave it” attitude that was quite repulsive. It’s almost as she was feeling too entitled to act nice towards a goddamn camera and flirt with the viewers. You could have already guessed it, my sack was still full to the brim when I’ve decided to cut ties and save myself from any further torture (in a bad way).

There’s Always a Bigger Fish!

My takeaway from Kinklive is that they’re trying to act as a forefront for all things fetish, and they don’t quite do it on a satisfactory level. There may be some models who go all out with whips and canes, but most of them are amateur girls who rub their slits and moan out loud, nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s not the thing you expect to get here.

Say, Streamate, the site that doesn’t market itself as such, has a lot bigger choice, I mean, you can find anything from tickle tortures to full-blown ballbusting. That’s just one of many reasons why I can’t place Kinklive on anything above an average grade, and even that is generous.

It’s a pretty site that lacks a solid backbone to support that beauty, but the way I see it, it’s basically a cheap plug for their toy store. If you want the real fetish cam experience where a model will get her pussy clamped and fucked senseless or anything along that line, then go to Streamate and feel the heat.


I get it, you want to get the thing you pay for, we all do, and buying the pleasure on Kinklive would be anything but. Bad cams, even worse models, the lack of skill and fetishes is evident, which makes it a hard pass from me, but there’s no need to fall into a pit of despair because Streamate can be your light at the end of a tunnel.

With over 20 years in the business, it’s no wonder they do everything so meticulously where it matters the most. Maybe I’m hooked on this live sex cam site too much, but honestly, my fetishes have been fulfilled, and the models there are so good that I’ve loosened up and developed some new exciting ones, and I’m sure if you try it out that your opinion will be the same.