Ruined Orgasm Webcam Chat Rooms

Are you ready to surrender your cock and balls to a cruel woman who will make you desperate to cum time and time again? Whether it’s some training, or you’re a masochist and like having the pleasure postponed indefinitely, these live ruined orgasm webcam rooms are what you need. The whole feeling of the build-up to shooting a load is what you live for, right?

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Well then you can go through that whole ordeal time and time again, privately with no other but a dominant mistress of your choice. They will do everything it takes to get you horny, you’ll be teased until your penis is so hard it’s ripping through your pants, and only then will you be allowed to touch it, but how you do it is not on you to decide.

Ruined Orgasm Cams

Say you like slender babes, feisty little things, the kind that pushes all the buttons but in a dirty way. If that’s what you would describe as a perfect chick for your taste, then Lady_Lara is the answer to your calling in front of the camera. The way she plays with you is extremely filthy, you’ll live under the false pretense of getting everything handed to you.

In reality, she will allow you to fiddle with your junk while she’s erotically twisting her body, dancing to sexy music, and caressing her perky, yet satisfying curves. Soon enough you will beg for more, your cock can’t handle that much pressure, it needs to be relieved, but you need to see her titties at least.

In return, you’ll have to take a dildo and lick it just once, sounds too easy? That’s because she’s going to blackmail you based on that one picture. Now you’re at her mercy, she can either show it to people you would rather not find out, or, you can follow her instructions in live kinky chats. For starters, you will have to dry-hump a blow-up doll.

That dick of yours is already able to burst, you close your eyes and feel it pulsing, ready to cream your pants if necessary. Suddenly she demands you stop, your cock goes limp, and you’re standing there like a total loser. Then again, and again, repeating the whole process countless times until she finally orders you to put a chastity lock on your penis.

That’s it, no more, she will leave you there without a single shred of ego, with a swollen set of nuts, and an orgasm so ruined that you’ll have blue balls for days to come.

On the other hand, there are proper, cruel mistresses, the ones like MissMandy, who makes you itch for an orgasm. Her recipe is simple, a man whose orgasm is ruined will always come back for more, and he will do anything for it, anything at all, which is her plan, you will become a slave who feeds her sadistic desires.

The jerk-off instructions are just the beginning, you’ll stroke your schlong, get heated, lost in the moment, but quickly snapped back into reality when she takes a whip and cracks it against the floor during this ruined orgasm live session. “Stop it you dirty manlet”, are the words coming straight out of her foul mouth, at the same time you’re embarrassed and disappointed.

You will kneel for your mistress, lick her dirty boots, and look her in the eyes like a sad puppy. Then she tells you to grab that cock with your offhand and get back to business, and in the meantime, she is spreading her legs and taking the clothes off in order to masturbate along with you.

Slowly pull the foreskin down and let it roll back up by itself, then repeat, those are the instructions and you must follow them when you visit her on the today. Granted it will bore her pretty soon, especially once she cums, and seeing her squirt will give you extra wet dream fuel, but to no avail, this domme doesn’t plan on letting you orgasm.

Instead, she is going to dip her fingers in all that sweet vaginal fluid and lick it off, laughing and mocking you, because there’s no such thing as pleasure for a lowly slave like you.

Busting a load was never a race, it’s a marathon, and there is no better way to make yourself last than learning all about it through ruined orgasm video chat websites. Granted, it might take some getting used to, going about your daily life after a hot and steamy session resulting in the lack of orgasm and serious blue balls is no easy feat.

But that’s the beauty of it, you need a kinky webcam woman to dominate your cock because it’s out of control, and you will have all the attention from her. Your orgasm will be denied, you’ll plead and beg, but you’ll fondly remember each and every moment with her that led towards inevitable ruination.