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Whether you’re on the receiving or the giving end, impact play is always an erotically astounding fetish, it gets the momentum going, and increases the intensity during sex. Sometimes you can create kinky scenarios, there’s a naughty girl out there who needs to be taught a lesson, or you’re serving a mistress who’s going to punish you for misbehaving.

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One thing is for sure, your erection will keep getting bigger, reaching new heights and girths. If you need someone with experience, someone who loves doing it rougher, or just shares the same dirty imagination as you, then make sure to check out the models on these spanking cams who have done it all, and are ready to show you some new moves.

Live Spanking Cams

Sarah_Curvy is a submissive slut who’s got a juicy bubble butt that looks like it deserves to jiggle for days after you’re done spanking it. She will act all sweet and flirty, trying to lure you in while at the same time keeping somewhat reserved, which is why you have to take matters into your hands and show her what a real alpha male is.

Command her to stand with the back turned towards you and slowly lift her skirt up. Inch by inch, she’s revealing more meat, a finely tuned ass with super sexy red panties barely covering the crack. Tell her to bend over, make that booty tense as the skin stretches, and take a couple of swings with your leather paddle.

You’ll finally hear those love moans, loud and clear each time you spank her ass and make it bounce during a live fetish video chat. Then command her to take the panties off and show you how wet they are. To no one’s surprise, they’re soaked in pussy juice, so much that you’ll have to keep on going just to make her beg for your cock, but this time use your belt.

Soon enough it’s going to swell up from all the spanking, and between those moans, she will plead to be fucked because her pussy can’t take any more teasing. It’s hardly finished, she has to ride your dick reverse cowgirl style, so you can see that behind loud and clear, especially since it has to keep on getting spanked.

For what it’s worth, Savage_Sarah is the one who would rather see your sissy ass roughly spanked during roleplay. You’re going to respect her, and for that reason only, you’ll have to become her teen stepson who’s caught with a dick in his hands, which is something she doesn’t approve of.

If you like jerking off so much, then you must be a filthy boy, and around here you won’t go by unpunished. Embarrassed and caught with your pants down, you’re going to follow her directions by bending over your bed and awaiting your punishment. Your perky ass is going to get pinched and then she’s going to spank you with a hand until it gets as red as your face.

Go on, keep on playing with yourself you dirty pervert, the more you jerk off that dick, the more you’re going to get spanked. She will take a leather whipping cane and start slamming your firm little ass on these spanking webcams, but even that won’t seem to work, you’ll even tell her to hit you harder because you like it, at which point she’s going to use other methods.

You’ll wear female clothing she handpicked for you, panties so tight that your hard cock and swollen balls will get clenched tightly, and you’ll weep like a little bitch. She’ll have no other choice but to lock your cock in a chastity device and continue with the spanking, using slippers and other household objects, and maybe if you behave, she might let you finish what you started in front of her.

There’s nothing quite like the sight of bare buttocks swelling and turning red or purple from spanking. It’s a good exercise, for both parties, a simple way of relieving stress first and foremost, but also when it comes to purely dirty, heated sexual encounters, there’s no match.

Here on our spanking fetish cam sessions, it doesn’t matter which category you fall in, for something so exciting and close to home with these models, you’ll find a worthy match. Even if you want something along the lines of BDSM, where the goal is to have a slave tied up and punished with spanks, it’s a dream that can be fulfilled in a matter of minutes.