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Either you’re a little bitch who needs to be taught a lesson, or you’re already a sub who deserves to be punished by a mistress, there is no in-between in this sissification cams chat. It’s well known how sadistic they are, waiting for a golden opportunity to humiliate a man unfit to even be called that, and able are to use various techniques to achieve a goal.

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You’ll be taught how to dress up and do your make-up, which will later get smeared out with your tears once she starts telling you what a slutty cock sucking whore you are. Even more so when she puts a dildo in front of you and makes you deepthroat it until your eyes start watering, that will show you who’s in charge around here.

Sissification Cams Chat

Mrs.Bethany is the kind of a domme who enjoys every moment of sissy training, she thrives in seeing you, her little bitch, bent over and begging for mercy. You’re going to wear the sluttiest outfit, all red, shiny, and feminine, so you can catwalk for her and shake that perky ass.

She’s going to call you degrading names, slap your behind with a ruler like she’s your sadistic teacher, and command you to strip down. One after another the bits and pieces of kinky clothing get stripped off, revealing more skin. Suddenly you’re left in nothing but g-strings that are too tight and embarrassing to wear.

Almost fully exposed, she commands you to tease her, massage your titties and put a finger in your panties to play with your “pussy” on these sissification fetish webcams. Go on and bend over so she can see how deep you’re fingering yourself, and better be ready to use something bigger, because girls like you are made for big things.

That’s when you’re commanded to take a rubber cock and pour oil all over it, spreading it with a handjob until it’s all slick and shiny. Embrace your feminine side and position that man-slit above it, make sure to ride the dildo until it’s inside you balls deep and penetrating so hard that you’ll beg her to stop.

Mistresses like EmillyDolly are a whole other story, her training is somewhat tougher, and as a future sissy, you should understand that you’ve got no say in anything that happens around here. You’re her cum rag now, and as such you’re required to follow orders blindly, never asking why.

Put that blonde wig on and dress up in a short, revealing skirt. In case you’ve got hairy legs, she will make you shave them while having a video chat with her. When your skin is hairless, you can lay down on the bed where your limbs are going to get restrained with cuffs. Unable to move, you’re an easy target for her sadistic tendencies.

She’s going to make you suck on multiple cocks, one after another filling up your slutty mouth and making it sore. If you happen to stop for a moment, the alpha is going to slam it harder to the point where you’ll be choking. While you’re gasping for air, she is laughing and telling you that’s the way to go, sluts deserve no better than to be used and abused.

That booty of yours is going to get spanked repeatedly, with multiple sex toys like whips and canes, and possibly even hands. You’re damn right it’s going to get red and swollen up like a ripe tomato, after which you’ll have to beg her for more dick.

You’ll get it, bitch, make way for more because she’s got guys lining up to fuck your tight ass. She is going to pimp you out for cheap, and these studs have so much built-up cum in their sacks that you’ll be covered in it head to toe, even forced to eat it up as an ultimate sissy humiliation.

It’s time you surrender your freedoms and join the live fetish chats where lusty dommes are going to show you how miserable and puny you actually are. Your transformation is long and painful, some mistresses might even drop in some small penis humiliation for starters because let’s face it, sissies like you aren’t especially gifted down there.

At least the make-up will help make you less hideous, but even then it won’t hide the miserable faggot that hides behind it. You know that you like dicks, why even hide it? Just admit that to yourself, and be guided through the sissification cams training where you’ll learn all about what it takes to be a slut.