Small Penis Humiliation Cams

If the prospect of a vile mistress laughing at your little one excites you, then you’re at the right place. The babes in these small penis humiliation cam rooms always want to be in the driver’s seat, commanding, calling you degrading names, and earning themselves a little sissy boy who would do anything to get some affection in return.

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Small Penis Humiliation Cams

It might not be the thing most men are striving for, but once you try it out, it’s a whole different story. Lending someone else the power, and being a servant has its ups, most notably the ability to test the limits of your mental fortitude, which helps you find out more about yourself, or release that inner sub that’s craving to get out.

MelanieMiss is a teen hottie, and it works in her favor, she’s bitchy, demanding, an absolute brat on steroids because she will make you respect her, one way or another. Her firm young body will be the catalyst to your desires, but beneath it hides a darker side, the one that enjoys crushing your manhood.

She will tease you by caressing her privates over the clothes, those hardened nipples will protrude through the shirt, and her panties will be soiled with pussy juice as if she sat in a puddle. No matter how much she does it, you’re still not in her league, especially not when she sees what you’re “packing”.

What a laughable development, here she is, hoping for a real stud to jerk off on cam with, and instead, she’s got a ripe new sub in her SPH fetish sex chat room. She is going to compare your micro cock to her pinky, various tiny items such as an eraser, followed by an echoing laugh that rings in your head like a never-ending nightmare.

Once it all stops she will stand there, looking at your shriveled-up desperation, and command you to touch it. It’s hideous, but she wants to get some joy out of it, hence allowing you to have some fun with yourself. No matter how hard you try, or how stiff that thing gets, she will constantly remind you what a failure you are by not allowing you to cum.

Maybe you’re into more experienced ladies, bombshell cougars like xKira069x. She’s mesmerizing alright, especially in her latex suit, something you’ve dreamt of for so long, and here it is, a big titty babe wrapped in skin-tight kinky clothes. Still, it doesn’t mean that she’s an easy nut to crack, and for the likes of you, that’s borderline impossible.

Instead, she’s slowly preparing you for a sissyfication, it will start as some bossing around, you doing mind-numbingly boring chores for her, performing a striptease, and anything else to get you out your comfort zone. It’s all building up towards you showing her what’s the situation between your legs.

As expected, it’s a hideous crumpled little dicklet and two pebbles that surely don’t even scrape the surface to her needs. She’s going to crack her whip at you during the small penis humiliation video chat session, and angrily demand you measure it for her, not like how you would do it usually, but rather a more humiliating way; placing your phone next to it, a lighter, or anything that will make you realize how meager it is.

Instead of using it as normal men would, you will lock it up with a chastity device and hand her over the keys. The fun she’s going to have to turn you into a slutty girl, you will shave your whole body and wear tight red lingerie, a long blonde wig, and put on some make-up the way she guides you.

Then you’ll kneel and suck a dildo before bending over and taking it in your “pussy”. All along she will remind you that you’re a dickless bitch, while simultaneously playing with another man’s cock, and a big one at that, letting him do all the things you’ve wanted, even swallowing his cum to further humiliate you.

The hotties on small penis humiliation cam sessions are rightfully harsh towards their miniature dick slaves. You’re lesser than them, and these mistresses don’t intend on pleasing someone that’s not at their level.

Sure, you might call them stuck-up, prissy daddy’s queens, but guess what? You came right at their feet, and from that point on, they own you and every inch of your body, free to do what they desire, when they desire it.