Smoking Fetish Cams Chat

If your head always turns in a direction of a girl who is smoking a cigarette, and daydream about having her in the room, silently observing your pitiful existence while exhaling a thick gust of smoke in your face, then don’t only dream about it. You’ve got a smoking fetish webcam action to sate your desires, and the mistresses always need some new slaves.

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Smoking Fetish Cams Chat

Still, it isn’t only for those who want to be dominated, there are hot chicks out there who just happen to love the feeling of smoke coursing through their lungs, and honestly, they look ten times sexier. If you happen to go for a cam2cam sex, then you can join her and smoke together, and you can foreplay with each other for as long as you want.

That’s exactly what BarbieSimone loves doing, she’s just one of many cam girls who love to light it up, but she’s one of the best. Who would have thought that a plump blonde with a perfectly sculpted body could look like that, and still smoke on an occasion? Well, now you’re going to see it all.

Her cherry red lipstick will leave a mark on the cigarette as it lays on her plump lips while she’s puffing during a live fetish video chat session. You will watch as her slender, skilled fingers dance around the cigarette, with an ashtray between her legs, hiding the soaking wet pussy from your sight, even though her legs are spread apart.

Once she takes the last puff and stumps the ember, it’s time she gives that stiff dick of yours a proper show. She licks the fingers to treat her body to the last dose of nicotine, right before she slips them inside her pussy and starts masturbating. Her head is thrown back as the eyes roll back as the lust overtakes her mind.

She screams out, tells you to stroke that dick faster because she’s close to an orgasm, and wants to imagine riding it like a cowgirl. Don’t worry, she won’t forget about you, after being such a good boy, she doesn’t want to leave you without busting a fat nut, and it will be just one of many.

Regular girls are fun, but a domme with a cigarette? You will instantly know that a girl like Miss_corea69 is the real deal, just seeing her, all confident in herself, wearing a tight latex bodysuit, arrogantly smirking while smoking a cigarette in her webcam room. It surely paints a picture, but it’s not even close to her true sadistic nature.

You won’t have the time to think because she’ll act quickly, demanding that you kneel before her and open your mouth wide. She is going to use you as a human ashtray, shaking her cigarette off straight into your mouth, and you’re not allowed to spit it out until she has finished smoking.

To make things interesting, she will clip your sensitive nipples and pull on them from time to time, challenging you to stay calm throughout the torture. If you make a mistake, she is going to make you swallow all of that mess in your mouth, so better watch out, and be a good slave to your mistress.

The thick gust of smoke has filled her room, it dances around her sexy body, embracing the thighs and caressing her private parts. The very same pussy and bunghole that she’s going to pound with a dildo, but first you need to suck it, get it ready for her.

After everything, you’ll have the privilege of watching her if you don’t fail your tasks. Her majestic body will twist and turn as she’s taking one dildo in her pussy, and another see-through toy inside her tight bunghole, double dicking herself, mocking you for being a manlet, and exerting superiority until the very end.

Everything you think of a smoking fetish live sex is exactly how it is, hot babes from petite to BBW, waiting to pull another one out of her pack and fire it with a lighter on the You will have the pleasure of watching all the dolls, smoking together with them, and then masturbating along.

If there’s one thing they could wish for, it’s to take a facial from you and then light another one to treat themselves after pleasing a man.